Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This weeks menu

To kick off fall, I'm going to be cooking some of my favorite items, along with some new dishes!  I'll post an update with the better dishes, or those that I get requests for!

Sunday and Monday~Roasted spaghetti squash, with tomato balsamic glazed chicken meatballs and spicy homemade spaghetti sauce
Tuesday~Sausage, lentil and rainbow chard soup with spiced cider and Full Sail Berliner Weiss to drink
Wednesday~Modified Beef Wellington with Chai tea and Merlot
Thursday~leftovers with micro green salad with balsamic roasted figs
Friday~Breakfast for dinner!  Creme brulee stout french toast with orange maple syrup
Saturday~ Green chicken chili enchiladas with fennel, apple, and jicama slaw

Stay tuned for last minute changes, and recipes to follow!

Yours in food

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